Why me?

Translation is more than just language

Experienced and highly educated

I studied journalism and marketing at the university in Barcelona. Before my career in translation, I worked in agencies and marketing departments, where I gained a strong understanding of the needs of businesses in today’s competitive markets. I also have extensive experience working as a translator and QA localization specialist in the UK.

Background in marketing and business

I enjoy combining my strong marketing background with my language skills. It is very important to know the difference good translations can make to a campaign. I don’t only translate from one language to another I always strive to write appealing and persuasive content. With carefully chosen words and using the right style and tone for your text, I will make sure the final text will sound as good in Spanish as it does in English.

Vast knowledge of my working languages and cultures

A quality translation requires a thorough knowledge of both the original language and the language into which the text is translated. As well as my formal education in Spanish, I have spent an extensive period of time living and working in the UK which has allowed me to develop a deep understanding of the English culture and language, both in a formal business setting and in a social environment.


I always respect confidentiality and manage the entire consultancy project personally. I respect deadlines and follow clients’ guidelines. I accept only projects within my expertise, and I’m dedicated to continually improve my skills and keep up to date with the latest developments in my areas of expertise.

– Expertise – Advice – Compliance with deadlines – Confidentiality – Professionalism – Cost transparency – Quality – Creativity – Efficiency – Involvement – Patience – Precision –Responsiveness –

Sounds interesting?